www.shittymovienight.com has arrived

Well kids, looks like donkey and milobar hit the big time! We’ve moved to our very own website: shittymovienight.com! We’ll continue to update both sites, but you should all point your bookmarks to the new website since this little blog will probably be a few days behind. Advertisements

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Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

Donkey: By now there is most likely one thing above all else that is apparent to anyone who has read through this blog in its entirety: the three men involved in this ritual of pain are geeks. Not the social outcasts you’d find in the extreme realm of the spectrum, as we can speak to […]

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Because we love you.  Well not you specifically, unless you are young, attractive, and female.  Or if your name is Steve and you own Given The Boot Productions.  Then we love you and we are doing this for you.

We are doing this because it is a story that needs to be told. So many are willing to throw out the terms ‘terrible’, ‘horrifying’, or ‘epically shitty’ when discussing a movie, and yet so few are even aware of the existence the movies which truly fit those descriptions. If your sense of humor prevents an appreciation of irony, the arbitrary,  or the greatness of a tagline such as “The skill of gymnastics! The kill of karate!”, then this site can be used as a navigational tool to help you avoid these cinematic landmines. But if you, like us, have a masochistic urge to explore the comically insane underbelly of the talky pictures, then we invite you to use this site as your Shirpa on the way up the mountain of shitty movies.

We are also doing this for the children, and because if we don’t, the terrorists have truly won.

And a jet-ski, we are also doing this for a jet-ski.