A journey no one wanted to take, but a few brave souls were required to endure…

For the last two years, three brave men have walked the thin line between life and death, sanity and insanity, Black Cherry French Vanilla Pepsi Jazz and Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper.  They have soared with the angels, and huddled below the earth with demons.  They have fought alongside giant robots with hydraulic fists, and driven go-karts in an attempt to learn the ins and outs of back alley illegal street racing.  They have done what you could not, what you would not, do.  They are on a mission, one that will push them to the very limits of their physical, intellectual and emotional endurance.

They watch shitty movies, and now, for the first time, their stories will be recounted here.

Eventually as their exploits grow, these three names will echo through the same halls of obscurity that are occupied by the movies which they subject themselves to.  Milobar (aka Mr Mayor, aka Dr Balls), the ruthless judge of logic, jury of rational thought, and executioner of fresh beats. Blombo (aka Hoboarotic, aka The Dutch Oven), the smooth talking master of GI Joe -reference-based seduction. If you’ve never met Blombo, chances are you’ve still had sex with him. If you have met him, chances are that you’re carrying his child. And Donkey (aka PerfectDonkey, aka The Big Sweet), the man with the plan…and an occasional bout of testicular dystrophy.

Prepare yourself diligently for what is to come, and beware, for here be dragons.


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